Americanairlines ( is a very powerful airline corporation and not surprisingly operates a very successful website that provides much company information, specific service details for customers, and useful tools for those interested in the services they provide.  A review of some of the specifics for their site, reviewed in 2005 follow.

Within the first few seconds of arriving at the americanairlines website you quickly realize that there is a lot of information front and center.  The feel of the site, may be a bit crowded, but the blue borders running up the left hand side of the page and along the top do give some borders.  The main part of the page is a white background, with several tables of information.  More description to follow in a moment...

Because of the mass volume of visitors for the americanairline corporation - those looking for the travel service often query terms like:  americanair,,,, etc, etc.  The official site is provided down below.,, and are not the correct destination, but often viewed.

The most prominant navigation bar for the site, is found on the left hand side, which is a very common location for many webpages.  These key pages include:  reservations, travel information, special offers, aadvantage, products and gifts, business programs, and an about us page.  Simply by clicking on anyone of these links, a visitor is immediately taken to that particular portion the the american airline website.

The reservations page offers, not surprisingly flight booking services, but also allows the consumer to book a car rental, hotel stay, or a vacation package.   A look-up tool for flight and hotel dates, availability and pricing is the main feature of this page and is no doubt extremely useful for visitors to the page.

The travel information portion of the site seems to allow americanairlines customers to look up specific schedules and travel details, while also providing more general information for their clients flying needs, airport requirements, etc.

The special offers page of course provides special ticket offers, and airline ticket sales.  While these aren't likely always the most convenient, some good deals may be found.

Looking for gift certificates, reward programs and the like?  The products and gifts page is the place to start.

The Business program page offers many links to various corporate programs that american airlines offers to its business customers.  From corporate credit cards to specific business rewards, this is a page for the business man/woman who flys american.

If you want corporate details on the americanairline company the about us section of the website would be a good place to visit.  Press releases, investor information, career opportunities, and more start on this particular portion of the company's website.

If you'd still like more information about or from this airline, try contacting them by phone: 1-800-433-7300, or check out their official website yourself at:
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